Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog to the farm?

Of course you can! If they are well-behaved, you can let them off leash if you like. You will see our two famous Sunshine Therapy Golden Retrievers roaming around all day. They may even go with you to show you where the best secret trees are.

Do I need to bring a saw?

Please bring your hand saw. We have a limited number that we lend out but if they are all being used you may get chilly waiting. Please do not bring gas-powered chain saws or your great grandfather’s antique axe. 

Do I need to cut my own tree and how far do I need to walk?

We have cut your own and pre-cut trees. Pre-cut trees will be more expensive so if you are budget conscious you may want to go for a hike. We have 10 fields of trees. Bring a sled or wagon to ease the effort of dragging your tree back. 

What type of payment do you take?

We are CASH ONLY. Please check Tree Pricing and then add another $20 as we usually notice people cut bigger trees than what they were thinking. 

How do I get my tree home?

Please Please Please bring rope/twine/bungees so you can get your tree on your car roof. We do not have much twine available. We do however have tree bags available for sale if you wish to try to jam that 10-foot tree into the interior of that mini cooper. (We have seen this and you do not want to be on our hall of shame picture board on the farmhouse)

Do you provide bailing?

Yes, we provide bailing for your tree, if needed, for $10 per tree.

Can I bring a trailer?

We highly recommend bringing your tree home in or on top of your vehicle. Trailers are ideal for some very large trees. We have very limited parking especially if there is heavy snow and may be tricky to do a 20-point turn.  

What types of trees do you have?

We have Spruce, Fir, and Pine trees of many different sizes up to 13 feet. You can see examples of them when you arrive at the farm so you can pick your favourite.

Do you have a washroom?

We do not unfortunately so please get your business done before arriving or find a nice bushy tree (hopefully not one that will go in someone’s living room this Christmas)

What times/dates are you open?

2022 dates will be November 25-26, December 3-4, and December 10 from 9 am-4 pm. 

How long will my tree survive?

When you cut your tree, it is dormant. You can leave it OUTSIDE for as long as you like. Once you bring it INSIDE it will start to dry out. Before you take it inside give it a fresh cut and then put it in your stand filled with water. Keep it away from vents if you can and it should be good to go for up to a month inside your house. 

Do you offer wagon rides?

We do not have wagon rides as the terrain is too hilly and depending on the weather, you may get stuck. 

Do you use pesticides?

Our trees are organic! We do not use pesticides.

Do you sell tree stands?

Yes! We have a limited supply of tree stands for sale.